First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


As I Start my very First Blog… I start with the celebration of My good friend Rhonda, today is her Birthday..we have know each other since we were about 16!!

I hope you will follow me, along in My journey on 54andfightingit , I will share my adventures on products and procedures I do… To try and stay youthful. Now, bare in mind…I am NOT rich, so I will be looking for cheap ways to stay young, and maybe some, Not so cheap. Shhhhh don’t tell My hubby. Lol

Now for today, it’s a get to know ya day. Plus there is 10 inches of snow outside, so with that said…. I’m in my PJs…. So, stay tuned, soon I will Blog again, and give out some advice on “My Journey on staying Young ” Peace out ✌🏻#birthdaygirl#friends#newbeginnings

Late Night Walk and Snapping βœŒπŸ»

It’s was a lot later than I wanted to, got distracted today, I almost didn’t.. Mind Over Matter. In other words, I made/forced myself!!!

I haven’t walked in over 2 months. I was up to almost 3 miles a day. But, I didn’t want to over do it.. So I did one mile.. Hey, better than nothing, right?

Then tonight I had a bologna and cheese wrap, no bread. Just the meat and cheese. Rolled it in a wrap. Delicious. Lol not like a steak, or French fries or Ice Cream, or Baked πŸ₯” Potatoes. Ok, you get it. Me too, wanted to say/type the name instead of eating it. Omygosh, this is the part…I hate!!

Cause, I love FOOD πŸ₯˜

Mind over Matter!! Plus, my jeans πŸ‘– were getting tight again. I hate that feeling, around my belly/stomach!!

Now it’s time to work on my business, I’ve been slack there too!! Btw. I make Jewelry (beaded) for the last 4 years.

You can find me on Instagram

Moxie Marcy Jewelry

Here’s a picture of me, just to prove I was walking tonight. Haha

Night all


Eye lid surgery

My whole life, I hated my eyes because I felt like I couldn’t wear eyeshadow like other women..

Last year, the beginning of 2017, I found out I could qualify for eyelid surgery, from my optometrist!! “What”?

I never even dreamed that I could get this done. I couldn’t afford a plastic surgeon. So when I found out my insurance would pay through my optometrists (eye doctor) I jumped all over it!!

It was done in a facility, out patient, I was put under mild anesthesia, I could hear and even talk to the doctor. I ain’t gonna lie, it freaked me out, hearing them cutting the skin. I actually laugh now, when my friends ask me about it, I tell them my eyes got circumcised!! Haha

The healing process was awful..I said a few times, if I knew how much this would hurt, I might not have done it!!

After a few weeks.. it started to look and feel better. But, even now one year later, I have some numbness in some areas of my eyelids…

I still am glad, even with all the pain, that I went through it..it makes me look and feel younger..

After being a Mom of 3 boys, now grown men. I always put them first, I felt like, now, right now, and hurry, you ain’t getting any younger, was and is MY time!!

That was my first step. Along with dieting , about 6 months earlier than the surgery, I Started exercising..

Now a year later , new eyes, and weight loss of 25.. I’m still working on ME!

I also got contact lenses with my New look. I love them, because I get colors!! One day I’ve got blue eyes, the next day green, and the next grey!! I love my grey by the way, makes me feel dangerous.. lol

Here’s my Tip to share with you, cause I want you to know all the wonderful things I have discovered, and tried!!

CASTOR OIL!!!! Get 100% pure and natural, on Ebay or Amazon It’s about 13 bucks

I use it on my Eyebrows. And Yes, they are growing!! My eyebrows use to be thin, and I couldn’t ever get them thick, this actually works.. But you have to be consistent, I put a dab on my fingertips every morning and evening and rub it through my eyebrows !!


The above link, is what I have…

It’s also awesome for your dry skin on your body!! I love this stuff..

I’m going to up load a couple of pictures of my before eye surgery and after

I hope this information can help someone else😍


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Sunday, January 21

Football 🏈 Day. Lounge in my Sweats, and lay in bed, and be a slob!!

Tomorrow, I shall get my Fitbit out, and start back on my exercise program… Which is tailor made by Muah.😍

It’s time to get serious again!!! I ate too much starting Thanksgiving, and it hasn’t stopped..

So , my fellow bloggers. Who wants to join me tomorrow for a new start in weight loss?

Well then. Let’s do it!! Doesn’t take a gym, or even a neighborhood to do it. I walk around my house for 20 minutes, that’s usually a equivalent to 1 mile. Give or take. Depending on my speed. Which usually, is slow.

I will talk to you then!! Come on, we can do this …. Mind over Matter ✌🏻#football#lazyday#sweats